Insect Screen

Lat Double & Lat Single

The Lat Double & Lat Single Mesh system can withstand reasonable wind pressure and has wide tolerance for width and height. It allows very good ventilation, good light and takes least space on the sides while stacked. The mesh offers uninterrupted view of beautiful scenery outside while ensuring 100% sealing of insects. It is water proof , rust proof, dust resistant and can be washed or vacuum cleaned. It is available in two colours – Grey and Black. The movement of mesh is horizontal plane and is due to the strings strategically placed .

Vert Spring

Vert Spring Mesh System is the most beautiful and unobtrusive system among the ones available in India. The flat fibre glass mesh results in giving a feeling of nomesh present between outdoor and indoor. Yet the sealing provided by this system is 100% and it keeps the insects out very effectively. The fibre glassmesh is 115GSM and is dust resistant,water proof, fire resistant and rust proof. The colours available are Grey and Black.The system has a brush in the cassette which cleans off the dust and opens with touch of central button. The lock is designed to resist wind pressure. The smooth operation of system is because of anti spring made of German spring steel and retains its strength for a long period of time. Vert Spring Mesh System is best suited for small casement windows, ventilators, kitchen windows and bathroomwindows.

Pilsse Double

New age and magical Plisse Double system is the most technically advanced system in the world. The system was developed by Japanese and has been perfected by Germans. The caterpillar chain helps the system to operate without an U tube fixed on the floor. The mesh moves on a guide strop which is 4 mm thick and allows movement of people without any barrier. Size tolerance in Plisse Double is restricted and a proper calculation should be done before a system is recommended.


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